Tawa Naan

Last Updated : 12 Oct 2017


Nʋsʀʌt Nʌƴƴɘʀ

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  • Servings 5
  • Cook Time 15 min
  • Prep Time 10 min

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Tawa Naan


  • All purpose flour (maida) 1kg
  • dry yeast 2tblsp
  • salt 1tsp
  • oil 2tblsp
  • warm water as required


  • Mix the flour with the dry yeast,oil, salt n warm water
  • knead to make a smooth dough. if the dough looks dry then add some water and knead again. the dough should be smooth and soft.
  • cover with the wet cloth and keep aside for 2 hours, till the dough leavens and rises.
  • make medium sized balls of the dough.
  • roll into a four or five inches round circle.
  • on a hot tava place the naan
  • partly cooks both the sides of the naan on the tava.
  • then place the naan with the help of tongs on fire
  • and cook both the sides till they get browned and slightly charred.
  • when done then remove the naan and apply some butter, ghee or oil on the naan. you can have them plain also.


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