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  • 174-kadai-paneer-recipe

    Kadai Paneer Recipe

    26 Apr
    67.0k 105

    Paneer is the Indian cottage cheese, also known as chhana or chhena in many parts of the country and kadai is the...

    By Archana
  • 194-easy-chakli-recipe-using-rice-and-butter

    Easy Chakli recipe...

    27 Apr
    38.0k 28

    Chakli recipe is a popular snack in Maharastra and also in South India. These crispy, delicious, golden brown snacks...

    By Archana
  • 243-dal-tadka

    Dal tadka

    02 May
    36.9k 43

    Dal means lentils and tadka is the Punjabi word for tempering. This process is used to fry whole spices before adding...

    By Anshu
  • 317-instant-breakfast-with-rava-idli

    Instant breakfast...

    26 Apr
    31.6k 28

    Rava idli (sooji/semolina) is the steamed cake prepared with rava. Idli is the age-old and a very popular form of...

  • 437-tasty-and-crispy-jalebi-recipe

    Tasty and crispy...

    20 Jun
    25.8k 16

    Jalebi (Jelibe) most famous sweet in south Asia during Ramadhan and Divali. Tastier when it is served hot.

    By Archana
  • 206-lemon-pickle

    Lemon Pickle

    10 Mar
    24.1k 12

    By Archana
  • 141-dhokla-recipe

    Dhokla recipe

    12 Aug
    23.7k 26

    Dhokla recipe is from Gujarat. Main ingredients rice and besan, It is light food for age group and good for health....

    By Archana
  • 349-dal-khichdi

    Dal khichdi

    13 May
    21.3k 21

    One of the south Asian most cooked food, Tastes great when served hot and also have most benefits for Health.

    By Archana

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  • 241-savour-every-bite-of-the-heavenly-chole-bhature

    Savour every bite...

    29 Apr
    18.8k 19

    Call it the Indian fast food, popular street food, the absolute meal, or heavy breakfast - chole bhature is that all...

    By Anshu
  • 261-healthy--delicious-palak-paneer-recipe

    Healthy & delicious...

    25 Apr
    19.3k 21

    Palak paneer is a delightful vegetarian North Indian dish with minimal efforts. The true main ingredients of this...

    By Archana
  • 142-phulkas-recipe

    Phulkas recipe

    14 Mar
    12.3k 9

    Phulka means soft and light. These are unleavened flat bread made out of whole wheat flour and is known for its health...

    By Archana
  • 213-baingan-ka-bharta

    Baingan ka Bharta

    16 Mar
    7.8k 12

    Baingan ka Bharta is one of the South Asian dishe, ingredients added along with eggplant varies based on location....

    By Archana

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  • 320-spicy-and-sassy-aloo-tikki-recipe

    Spicy and sassy...

    28 Apr
    18.3k 18

    Let’s be honest – we love our aloo tikki, so much so that the popular chain of McDonald has incorporated aloo tikki...

    By Archana
  • 442-corn-cheese-balls-recipe

    Corn cheese balls...

    23 Jun
    18.3k 17

    Corn cheese balls recipe is one of the tasty snacks. A deep fried mixture of corn and cheese with added spices masala...

    By Archana
  • 227-any-time-food-of-mumbai---pav-bhaji

    Any time food of...

    25 Apr
    15.7k 30

    ‘Pav’ (bread) and ‘bhaji’ (vegetables) - simple and delicious… Born somewhere during 1850s to cater as lunch...

    By Archana
  • 170-mouth-watering-momos-dumpling-recipe

    Mouth Watering...

    17 May
    10.8k 17

    Momos have its own unique place in our hearts and diet. ‘Momo’ means steamed bread and it is the ethnic cuisine of...

    By Archana

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